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Are you one of those who never carry cash in your pocket? Do you arrive at a place and the first thing you do is pull the card? Congratulations, from now on you can speed up the payment of your purchases with this NFC microchip inserted in your nails.


Beauty and technology are closer than ever. The Lanour Beauty Lounge, a salon located in Dubai, has just revolutionized nail art forever. These trend-setters are inserting NFC microchips into their manicure treatments. Smart Nail, that’s the name of this new trend that is sweeping the nets.

At the moment, this technology allows you to quickly transfer all kinds of data such as your Instagram ID or the details of your WhatsApp. However, Smart Nail may soon be able to leverage its services to enable contactless payments.

If we catch you in Dubai, take advantage and stop by the salon; the Smart Nail manicure is priced at USD 60 $. Surely this trend will soon reach the best centers around the world; also its disadvantages. What will you do now if you break a nail? 

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