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SUPERPLASTIC, which presented its first launch last February, is pleased to announce the second installment of its SUPERGUCCI collection in collaboration with Gucci.

This is a new Guggimon NFT inspired by Gucci‘s Love Parade and a ceramic sculpture handcrafted in the Bitossi factory in Italy. An exclusive release that will only be available to those who own the Janky and Guggimon NFTs from the first release (which sold for over $20 million in total). So now you know, if you want to get yours, you’re already late in bidding through OpenSea.

“Our celebrities have tens of millions of fans and followers around the world and partnering with Gucci, one of the most identifiable brands on the planet, was an exciting collaboration for both of us,” says Paul Budnitz, CEO and founder of SUPERPLASTIC.

In just a matter of months, SUPERPLASTIC has positioned itself as the leading company on the web3. It has raised more than $38 million through exclusive partnerships with artists such as J Balvin, Lil Nas X, Paris Hilton, Bored Ape Yatch Club, Stadium Goods and others.

Following the launch of SUPERGUCCI, the company will focus on its next project: Guccighost, due out in September.