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SUOT STUDIO presents the second capsule of its collaboration with the designer ABRA, with whom it teamed up last October to present a striking selection of jewellery with a perfect balance between a design proposal of a contemporary nature and the most artisan processes of the jewellery trade.


Continuing with its particular ode to the era of the 2000s, in an exercise endowed with an aesthetic charged with nostalgia – a representative element of ABRA‘s work – this new selection of pieces is capable of harmoniously connecting the essence with which the two names are conceived, alluding at the same time to the audiences of SUOT and the designer and managing to offer a high quality product that is the fruit of a powerful creative symbiosis.

A total of five pieces representative of the original collaboration make up this new drop, consisting of four earrings and a silver ring which, dipped in pink plating, immediately become a very susceptible item in any SS22 wishlist.


Once again, a contrast of trends that helps to understand the creative diversity that nourishes the SUOT STUDIO project. Find out more information by clicking here.