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On Sunday night, a man in a FedEx mailroom uniform opened fire at the home of the federal judge in charge of Jeffrey Epstein ‘s case. Her son Daniel, only 20 years old, was found shot dead in the heart. Her husband, attorney Mark Anderl, is in the hospital in serious condition.

After Sunday night’s shooting, the FBI began the search for the alleged murder suspect. Roy Den Hollander, an “anti-feminist” and racist lawyer from New York, was found dead in his home hours after the attack on the family. In the defendant’s home they found articles written by him and loaded with hate against the judge in charge of Jeffrey Epstein’s case, Esther Salas.

Den Hollander, who was diagnosed with cancer last January. Some sources believe that upon receiving the bad news, the lawyer began to hatch a plan to wipe out his enemies before he died.

El FBI is investigating a possible connection to the murder of lawyer Marc Angelucci, found dead of bullet wounds at his Southern California home on July 11. Among the writings found in Roy Den Hollander’s home is also found the name of New York’s top judge, Janet DiFiore, who may have been his next victim.

But there are still suspicions that the death of Judge Esther Salas’ son may be related to the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein’s bank accounts. Esther Salas had recently received the file on the Deutsche Bank investor class action lawsuits. These claims assert that customers that the bank considered to be high risk, such as Jeffrey Epstein, were not adequately supervised.

If you want to know more about Jeffrey Epstein case you have to see the Netflix documental about it. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy rich.