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Sunnei’s spring-summer 2021 collection fills the darkness of the apocalyptic scene with light and color. The proposal of 40 looks for men and women continues to maintain the experimental identity of the brands that plays with shapes, materials and color block. Now more than ever.


Among architectural and flowing silhouettes, we find a route of oversized tailored jackets, maxi volumes, plaid prints, technical fabrics such as neoprene and nylon, as well as long and elegant leather coats. Sunnei comes back now stronger from the virtual world.

Simone Rizzo and Loris thus move away, once again, from the schemes and stereotypes of fashion, giving space to a vibrant aesthetic and an inclusive proposal that has become ‘a sign of rebirth and a new beginning for the brand’.


Take a look at the gallery above at Sunnei‘s collection for the spring-summer season 2021.