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Have you ever thought about how colors can influence your mood? I’m sure you have; you’re tired of hearing the typical “today I dressed dark because I’m not in the mood”. Well, and at home, what color are the walls painted? According to psychologists, this can affect your emotional state. 

When it comes to choosing colors for a house, there are some who prefer brightness; others, on the other hand, look for darker tones to achieve elegance. For their part, we constantly come across strident walls that alter the senses – for better or worse. That’s why, when choosing how to paint your home, we advise you to be guided by the statements of Tash Bradley, color psychologist.

Choosing the right paint color for your bedroom is more important than you might think, if you want to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

As Bradley points out, color influences and affects the mental, emotional and physical state. “When light strikes the human eye, the wavelengths are converted into electronic pulses. These impulses pass to the hypothalamus, [a region of the brain] where the emotion comes from, creating an emotional response,” he explains.

These are the best paint colors to reach Nirvana

Blue 01 / 02colores

Light blues are colors that calm the mind. They reflect the tones of the sky and the sea, and go perfectly with white.

Rose 01


It will bring to your room the warm and cozy touch you were looking for.

Rose 02 / 04


With its touch of black pigment, it will bring a simple and elegant touch to your room.

Green 09


This color will bring personality to your room and help you connect with nature.

Blue 06 / 07


Perfect for these times when your home has become an office. These soothing shades will help you focus during the day and relax at night.

If you didn’t have a plan for the weekend, buy a paintbrush and paint and dedicate yourself to a relaxing session. In the meantime you can listen to Highcast 7 with Pablo Amores and Ciller.