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We have more than accepted that we live in a completely digitalized society. It all comes down to one Internet search, one click. We have learned to cook, to sew and even to read birth charts. Of course, this year our relationship with technologies has intensified even more. We have spent long months of lethargy surfing the net in search of the best remedies to deal with confinement. Thus, we have compiled the most searched beauty treatments in Google in 2020. 

How to Beauty 2020

Most popular Beauty How to searches on Google in 2020
  1. How to cut hair at home. A classic. Surely on more than one occasion you have been tempted by the idea of taking a scissor and start cutting hair. Don’t do it, the results can be catastrophic.
  2. How to dye your hair at home. I guess we’ve all played at dyeing our hair at home. If you get bored with your shade, just go to the nearest supermarket, get the dye you like most and go home. Well, you may have noticed that the results are quite far from the images on the packaging. Suddenly your hair is red instead of dark brown, what a surprise!
  3. How to do knotless braids. Go ahead, nothing can go wrong here.
  4. How to bleach your hair. Back up, get out of that web, it’s not going to work. Next hobby.
  5. How to exfoliate your face. Did you also mix a thousand ingredients to get the perfect recipe? I tried an ointment with bicarbonate, lemon and honey and it worked pretty well. My face looks perfect and glossless after use.

How many of these How To’s have you looked for? All of them, right? Me too, relax. If this confinement has taught us anything it’s that: hair grows, boredom is insatiable and that we all like to think we’re hairdressers. But remember this: WE ARE NOT.

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