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The DNA of Maison Margiela and Reebok merge in the new Classic Leather Tabi High; a high-cut silhouette, fruit of the collaboration between both brands. It will be available starting this June.

This new collaboration between the French fashion house and the American sportswear brand reinterprets Reebok‘s legendary Classic Leather -original from 1985- through Maison Margiela‘s couture language. The archetypal Reebok icon evokes the memory of a gladiator sandal through the “décortiqué” technique; key to Maison Margiela‘s style.

Developed by the creative director of the Parisian brand John Galliano, the “décortiqué” is a technique used by Maison Margiela; based on the deconstruction of a garment or accessory to its most essential structure. By cutting away the elements around the architectural framework of the object – that is, the components that hold it together – its most intimate and essential design is revealed. In this way, décortiqué is a figurative process that represents the values of authenticity and individualism so fundamental to Maison Margiela. In addition, this technique also nods to the house’s concept of the anonymity of linings; the practice of exposing and exposing elements of a shoe, garment or accessory that are normally covered or hidden.

The Classic Leather Tabi High has been designed from the original base and pattern of Reebok’s iconic Classic Leather, and has been given Maison Margiela‘s signature Tabi split toe design from 1988. Using the “décortiqué” technique, the leather panels have been cut away, revealing the sneaker’s fabric lining – creating a cage-like shape – while the ankle strap reinforces the image of a gladiator sandal. This high-cut model is available in tonal black, white and red leather. It is also available in a Bianchetto version; another signature Maison Margiela technique, consisting of a hand-painted white overlay on a black leather base that deliberately fades with wear.

Both Maison Margiela x Reebok Classic Leather Tabi models will be available from June 18 in selected Maison Margiela stores; on and  at a price of 450€ for the leather version and 490€ for the Bianchetto version.