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Forbes has presented the list of the twenty richest fashion personalities in Spain. Amancio Ortega remains at the top of the ranking of the “100 richest fortunes” with a wealth of 67,000 million euros, while his daughter Sandra is positioned at number two.

The “100 richest Spaniards of 2021” have enjoyed a strong post-pandemic economic recovery, almost reaching pre-crisis levels. This year their individual wealth has increased by €20.62 billion, according to the Forbes list.


1. Ortega: Amancio with 67 billion euros and her daughter Sandra Ortega with 6.3 billion.

2. Isak Andic, owner of Mango: 1.600 million euros.

3. Alberto Palatchi, ex Pronovias owner: 1.3 billion euros.

4. Miguel Fluxà, CEO of Camper: 1.2 billion euros.

5. Manuel Puig, the largest shareholder of the Puig Group: 850 million euros.

6. Thomas Meyer, owner of Desigual: 850 million euros.

7. The Álvarez sisters: 1.1 billion euros.

8. Carlota Galán, president of Galare and Corporación Ceslar: 450 million euros.

9. The rest of the Puig family: Mar, Antonio, Daniel and Manel Puig Guasch, shareholders of the perfumery group: 325 million euros each.

10. Paloma García and Asunción Peña, shareholders of El Corte Inglés, close the top 10.