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By now, we are starting to see the lists and summaries that mark the most important moments of the year. And Google was not going to be any less. For this reason, it publishes its annual “Year in Search” report and reveals what the most repeated searches by users have been.

As the world slowly recovers from a global pandemic, the internet becomes a favourite source for users. Through a video, Google summarises its year in searches and adds a timeline in which it filters by search, location and events. And the truth is that the results are not surprising…

Year In Search 2021 by GOOGLE

Top searches: Australia VS India

Songs: Olivia Rodrigo – Drivers License

News: Afganistán

Actors: Alec Baldwin

Athletes: Christian Eriksen

Foods: Tacos de Birria

Games: PopCat

Movies: Eternals

Passings: DMX

People: Alec Baldwin

TV Shows: El juego del Calamar

Sports Teams: Real Madrid CF


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