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French brand Louis Vuitton seems to have got the hang of designing sporting goods. After releasing a backboard with a basket and a basketball, it is now the turn of Louis Vuitton to create a watercolour-themed skateboard to go with its watercolour-inspired footwear.

This is the latest launch that LV has created with its creative director, Virgil Abloh. As we all know, the designer is a great admirer of everything related to urban culture and an expert in turning common objects such as a skateboard into a true object of desire and luxury, and not for nothing, but that is precisely what he has done, as this latest launch of the brand has a cost of 1800 euros.

As for the board itself, it features a watercolour monogram graphic and grip tape, LV trucks, and even monogrammed white wheels. What do you think of this latest release from Louis Vuitton, and are you up for it? I’m sure there’s more than one or two of you who are thinking about it. If you are one of them, you should know that this board is already on sale on the brand’s website.