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Although TikTok is Rosalía’s social network par excellence for telling us about her beauty routines, this time, the Catalan artist has revealed her trick for maintaining acne-free skin via Twitter.

The singer has finished her Motomami Worl Tour and to celebrate she is spending Christmas in Tokyo with her partner Rauw Alejandro. After uploading images of the trip on Twitter with the caption “MERRY XMAS MOTOMAMAMiiiiiiis aaaARIGATO GOZAIMASASUUUU”, a follower, @soffmm, couldn’t help but ask her how she managed not to get acne with that pace of life.

Rosalía was quick to confess her secret: P50W by Biologique Recherche. A complex of Alpha-Beta-Poly Hydroxy Acids (exfoliating). It also contains vitamin PP, Panama wood, white radish and red chili pepper extracts, magnesium chloride (purifying and sebum-regulating), burdock extract (antiseptic and bactericidal), natural moisturising factor and arnica extract (soothing).

Biologique Recherche P50W Lotion is a multifunctional lotion, suitable for fine, sensitive or reactive skin. It is essential in the skin preparation phase. It performs a progressive exfoliation, respecting the skin’s natural balance. It regulates sebaceous secretion, balances the skin’s pH, deeply purifies, strengthens the tissues and enhances the action of the active ingredients applied afterwards.

Rosalia headlines the Acne Studios FW22 campaign.