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Generation Z’s favorite social network will launch a month-long digital event. TikTok will broadcast live two shows a week from brands such as Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent.

TikTok Fashion Week

During this summer, the usual pace of the fashion industry was replaced by an existential crisis in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, everything “online” became the new heart of the industry as the catwalks emptied.

Short, serious and artistic films replaced physical fashion shows and, unexpectedly, the most attractive and fun fashion trends moved to TikTok, where users created an endless amount of fashion content.

TikTok influencers will become as important, if not more important, than Instagram influencers for fashion marketing,” says Vogue Business’ Schiffer. “We will see them in front rows, starring in couture campaigns and organizing brand events.

The month-long event will begin on Friday and end on October 8. At the event, JW Anderson will debut his spring/summer 21 women’s collection.