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Due to the visual overload of Balenciaga’s show, in the framework of the PFW in September, they went unnoticed -for some-. Now, without stress, we write the post that these shoes deserve.

Balenciaga Led

In this fashion show the feet of some of the male models were illuminated with the logo of the house – Balenciaga – by means of a waterproof LED technology. A clear nod to the way technology has taken over the world. This small but large detail in concept coexisted with the display of mind-blowing images of artist Jon Rafman’s video work, “The Ride Never Ends,” which was projected in an LED tunnel.

The system, which will also be on the boots of the women’s commercial collection, can be restarted with a charger hidden on the heels and activated by a button hidden on the sole, can remain running for up to 10 hours, and with 10 different light programs to choose from.

The famous Track will also suffer this adaptation. It is said that they will be equipped with LED lights at the midsole, for all haute couture hikers, and a USB port to keep them illuminated.

Light in shoes – the next big trend?