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The Valencian Pepa Megías has just presented her latest collection through a series of sinuous and risky garments. The purpose: to demystify Gen Z, understood as the generation of the forgotten, and to elevate its artistic value. The result is “Usuario no encontrzdo”, a proposal that teaches us to channel negative emotions.  

“Usuario no encontrado” deals with the way Generation Z channels and romanticises negative emotions. It is a portrait of young people who tend to turn being bad into a cliché, as a consequence of ego, lack of communication and poor emotional management.

Thus, this project aims to take the conception of Gen Z to a higher stage and tries to analyse their behaviour through irony.

To achieve this purpose, the designer has focused on the meme. In the same way that the meme is capable of transmitting complex messages through simple, everyday elements, she has tried to transfer this action to the language of the garments. This is why the appearance of this collection revolves around conventional and simple fashion elements, such as the use of linings or screen-printed advertising T-shirts.

The intention to produce the collection in the most environmentally friendly way, through the use of upcycling and recycled fabrics, stands out.

Design: Pepa Megías (@pepapepipepu)
Creative direction: Pepa Megías
Tailoring: Carlos Gallur y Pepa Megías

Creative direction: Manel Ramón (@maneldart) y Pepa Megías
Photography and editing:Manel Ramón
Video editing: Clara Corell (@claracorell_)
Model: Tyler Middlemisss (@tylermiddlemiss)
Styling: Sara Mínguez y Pepa Megías