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The artist Alessia Babrow is suing the Vatican after discovering that one of her works has been misused by the Vatican. It is a complete reproduction of a postage stamp used for Easter 2020. 

Alessia Babrow

Babrow (@alessiababrowisaround) filed a lawsuit last month against the Vatican’s telecommunications office in Rome for allegedly plagiarising her work without consent. According to the Associated Press, the artist has asked for compensation of €130,000 EUR.

“I couldn’t believe it. I honestly thought it was a joke,” she told AP in a statement on Tuesday. “The real shock was that you don’t expect certain things from certain organizations.”

The artwork features a heart, characteristic of Babrow, accompanied by the phrase “Just Use It” written on Jesus’ chest – perhaps they took the message too literally. Following its launch in February 2019, the project was intended to “promote intelligence and heart”, so he stuck the piece near the Vatican.

Now, the Vatican is estimated to have printed at least 80,000 stamps with the image, selling them for €1.15 each.

Alessia Babrow

The Vatican has not yet made a statement on the matter, but considering that this act is against the catechism we expect them to do so soon. Commandment number seven of the Catholic Church: Thou shalt not steal.

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