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“I love you but I’ve chosen Versace“. With that phrase Donatella Versace decided to start her always awaited fashion show and gave the starting signal to all her army of models to start sliding down the red set, designed for the occasion, with the latest novelties of the emblematic Italian luxury brand, belonging to the autumn/winter 22 collection.

All the top models of the moment were there, including, of course, her beloved sisters Hadid, Gigi and Bella (stars of the latest campaign), Vittoria Ceretti, Adut Aketch, Emily Ratajowsky and many more. None of them said no to Gianni’s iconic sister and showed up with attitude to become a Versace girl. 

As the show went on, we heard different phrases, but if there was one that was repeated on numerous occasions it was “You’ve got this attitude, this attitude”. Yes, that characteristic of the tops that we have highlighted above is precisely the main characteristic of this collection, ATTITUDE, as Donatella has once again patented the figure of “superwoman” and her curves, but leaving aside the iconic prints of the brand and giving way to a more mature proposal characterized mostly by garments with accentuated shoulders and waists marked by corsets and combined with leggings/boot-shaped trousers with XL platform and vinyl stiletto heels. In addition, the designer has confirmed with this latest line that miniskirts (hers come in denim, raw-edged tweed and grey striped flannel) and suits are officially back, as this time, unlike in the past, the latter have been in charge of opening the show.

On the other hand, and going back to a characteristic we mentioned before, when we refer to a more mature proposal it is because D.V. has decided this season to get rid, not forever, of the brand’s identity signs and let the simple lines take over, just look at the simple lines of the leather or satin coats, belonging to their men’s collection, one in intense pink and the other in electric blue.

Something is happening at Versace, and We are sure this change has to do with the turnaround of their men’s 2.0. collection, since as we could read in their press release, both represent a next step and a breakthrough, not focusing on the singular, but on multiplicity, progression and diversity, exactly what I see the new generation valuing.