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Vestiaire Collective, the world’s most trusted and sophisticated fashion buying and selling platform, is launching a passionate cry of hope for 2022. Their new identity aims to inspire change in the fashion industry and they can change their behaviour (if they are not already doing so) for a more sustainable future.


The campaign will be led by ‘The Collective’, five puppets turned style icons made from second-hand clothing, representing the many reasons why second-hand clothing is the answer to a sustainable future. The voice of the campaign is provided by the inimitable and peerless French fashion documentarianLoïc Prigent.

Miss Classique is elegant, distinguished and her passion is to combine classic, timeless pieces from the best designers. Lady Green sees la vie en vert and knows that you need to buy well to look your best. Hunter is the queen of vintage and has plenty of patience to search and search until she finds incredible pieces. Rich knows that her wardrobe is an investment. They say you can’t buy style with money… but after meeting him, you’ll change your mind. Drops is always one step ahead. With ‘more is more’ as his banner, there’s no logo missing from his wardrobe.

Through these fantastic puppets, Vestiaire Collective captures the diversity of its community and demonstrates that it is possible to love fashion and the planet, as well as to shop more sustainably. With this campaign, the platform continues to pursue the goal it has been pursuing for ten years: transforming the fashion industry for a more sustainable future.

Under the philosophy of ‘Let’s make life more modern’, Vestiaire Collective calls on its community to unite around the situation of the planet and the future of the industry, but in an original and fun way. With a mondern spirit and a disruptive and innovative campaign that aims to raise awareness without lecturing, Vestiaire Collective reminds us that fashion is synonymous with freedom and that it was created to break with the establishment.

For this campaign, the platform has collaborated with an international group of creatives including multi-award winning creative and strategic advertising agency Droga5 London and Loïc Prigent, who plays a crucial role in this campaign as he is in charge of introducing each puppet and promoting them on social media, both on his own and Vestiaire’s channels. In addition, to bring Vestiaire Collective’s ‘The Gang’ to life, Droga5 London and Vestiaire collaborated with Swedish film director Andreas Nilsson and British-Ghanaian photographer Campbell Addy, who captured the images for outdoor, print and digital advertising.

Since the beginning of Vestiaire Collective, we have been driven by the desire to break with the status quo and offer our international community a different point of view on fashion. Challenging the status quo and rethinking the way people consume fashion today for a better future is part of our DNA. This is a tribute to our committed community of fashion lovers who are helping to transform the industry for a more sustainable future,” says Fanny Moizant, Co-Founder and President of Vestiaire Collective.

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