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Vestiaire Collective announces the restriction of the sale, purchase or publication of fast fashion items on the platform from 22 November.

This bold move highlights Vestiaire Collective‘s founding mission to drive a shift towards a circular economy in fashion. By progressively restricting fast fashion brands on the platform, the company encourages its community to prioritise quality over quantity and invest in great craftsmanship at a competitive price.

“Fast fashion has no value, especially not on the resale market. At Vestiaire Collective we have decided to take this step because we do not want to be complicit in an industry that has an enormously negative social and environmental impact. The current system ferments overproduction and mass consumption of low quality items generating a high amount of waste” says Dounia Wone, Chief Impact Officer of Vestiaire Collective.

It is the latest step in VC‘s mission to transform today’s fashion industry. As part of a three-year plan, the company, together with an external agency, will devise a list of robust criteria against fast fashion, including poor quality of goods, working conditions and carbon footprint. All brands that do not meet these criteria will be removed from the platform.