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After a week of generating as much hype as possible through its official Instagram profile and after much speculation about what they had in store for us this time, Vetements and its current creative director, Guram Gvasalia (Demna’s brother), have presented its latest Autumn RTW 22 collection.

Taking on board generational and cultural changes, inspired by money and credit card prints and through a Zoom call from Vetements headquarters in Zurich, this collection has finally seen the light of day, with the aim of redefining haute couture and savoir faire for the new luxury buyer. Well, said and done, and the goal achieved, since that is precisely what Guram has achieved, redefining the brand and fashion.

With a total of 72 looks and covering the heads of all the models with a mask similar to the one his brother wore at the Met Gala, we have to highlight what has undoubtedly been one of the novelties of this latest line. What? Tailoring and everything related to it, such as: buttons, trousers, jackets or long coats, which are made of the same material that is usually used for T-shirts or sweatshirts. On the other hand, we also have to highlight the 3D pattern modifications that the team experimented with and the jeans with built-in zips so that customers can modify the silhouette to their liking.

What do you think of Vetements’ RTW autumn 22 collection, and have you checked out the gallery yet? We love it, but we love even more that this brand offers us the possibility of dressing well in a comfortable way.