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The designer duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, also known as Viktor & Rolf, were two of the latest designers to present their latest Haute Couture collection during Paris Fashion Week. Since they presented their unforgettable collection of couture dresses with messages and slogans worthy of memes, this Haute Couture fashion house has become one of the most important in the sector, thanks to its dreamy creations.

Composed of 17 looks, this latest proposal from the Dutch designers has been one of the most applauded. As we can see in the gallery of images, it is characterised by its clear baroque inspiration and its commitment to “more is more”. But also for being a couture line worthy of being worn by any member of royalty, as on this occasion they have taken as their inspiration everything related to queens and royal princesses.

Full of sashes, tiaras, glitter applications, feathers and volumes, this collection has become, as expected, one of the most instagrammable and viral of the fashion week, thanks in part to its bands in the purest “miss” style with messages like: “Princess? No bitch, QUEEN” or “Don’t be a Drag just be a QUEEN”. Last but not least, in this collection the designers wanted to show that everyone can become a queen, as the skins of the dresses are made of plastic, the jewellery is made of pasta and the dresses have polyester patches.

What do you think of Viktor & Rolf‘s latest Haute Couture collection? We thought it was the best. Little by little they are becoming the absolute kings of couture.