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Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler are one of the most iconic couples in the fashion world. The couple – 28 years married – as a result of the confinement created this collection based on activism and their particular personal signature.

The collection reflects the couple’s activist principles. They use a variety of sustainable fabrics such as viscose produced without deforestation, bio-cotton, non-mulesed wool and undyed yak yarn..

The most outstanding garments are: corset style dresses -made of natural viscose- in bright colors and with floral motifs. A wide variety of high boots with platforms in different prints and textures. Knitted leggings with diamond print and matching blouses that are worn like a second skin under other voluminous garments such as an oversize cardigan or asymmetrical long dresses.

All the things that the public loves about Vivienne Westwood and Andreas’ aesthetic are in this collection. From plaid mini skirts (for both men and women) to angelic bodices and tops.

Before presenting their fall-winter 2021/2022 collection they made this short film, which was broadcast on Vivienne Westwood’s website on March 6 during Paris Fashion Week.

The video ends with Westwood standing in her store window, wearing an imitation latex dress, reciting the lyrics to the song ‘Without You’. The legendary designer, who will turn eighty in April, knocks on the glass and sings, “There’ll be scones without you … There’ll be Windsor Castle without you …” . All this while using a zip-lock rice container from Brixton Market as a handbag: “I like those things, that somehow mean something” she says.