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After a decade on the Paris Fashion Week calendar and the opening of his new space on Rue St Honoré, Jonny Johannson decides to take a very personal journey into the past, as it was a wedding, to draw inspiration for Acne Studios’ Spring/Summer 2023 collection.


“When I got married I wanted to wear white, but I chickened out. I ended up wearing a black dinner jacket with a wide lapel that looked modern, but now, looking back, it probably wasn’t the best choice.” Thinking about his own nuptials and those of friends who got married led him to create a collection that plays with the archetypes of special event dressing by imagining a cast of Acne Studios characters attending a wedding.

Revealing a distorted version of a wedding, the SS23 collection combines playfulness and eccentricity by altering traditional wedding looks. Crossover suits, asymmetric one-button blazers and coats are reimagined with oversized shoulders, hemlines and relaxed constructions. Fabrics such as satin and knit, as well as kitsch prints by artist Karen Kilimnik play a key role in the collection.


To top it all off, the collection includes accessories such as heart-shaped leather balloons, rose chokers and insect-eye sunglasses. As for shoes, the designer opts for leather derbies and velvet loafers. “I’m interested in the whole performance, the gaiety, the dressing up, the cheesiness. In a sense, it’s one of the most serious days of your life, but it’s also fun and ridiculous,” said Jonny Johansson.

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