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Experimentation with materials, predominantly outerwear and a retro-futuristic concept. This is the new Ottolinger collection.

Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient presented Ottolinger‘s FW22 collection through a game maze in front of the Louvre, where attendees were able to enjoy a much closer experience as they were assigned their own headphones and screen.

“It’s kind of like a gateway to the meta-world,” Gadient said of the unusual format. We’ve spent so much time [in digital] that we thought it’s fun to go and experience all that and have a physical fashion moment as well.”

After the virtual show, the on-site fashion show began. A succession of avant-garde pieces including colourful velvet outfits, jackets and T-shirts with flared sleeves, quilted outerwear and lots of deconstruction.

A collection to enjoy with all the senses. Scroll through the gallery below and discover all the looks:


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