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Reinterpretations are part of Willy Chavarria’s DNA. Sexy, free and self-expressive are three characteristics that permeate the new proposal presented to us under the title “UNCUT”.

For fall 2022, Chavarria emphasized his usual strengths: oversize took center stage but from a much darker perspective. Workwear was a constant while the collaboration with Dickies emerged – as it has for the past seven years – in a Chavarria way, this time more Willy than ever.

In the “UNCUT” collection, the Dickies work shirt is shown with oversized shoulders paired with the iconic Eisenhower jacket, which is presented with exaggerated sleeves, while basics like the 874 pants focus on a high waist.

As the show progressed, the looks became more daring and evolved by the minute. UNCUT is a 10 with a matriculation. California essence mixed with the best Chavarria.

Among the fashion news Collina Strada presents us a new collection of jewelry that becomes the #must of the season.