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These bags, at first glance, are the opposite of what we look for when we go shopping. To wear a new item is to show others its neatness, that imaginary shine we all see. Perhaps we understand it better if we remember the first time we wear a new pair of trainers; we know where the eyes are going to be focused. But the Spanish brand Balenciaga (@Balenciaga), turns everything upside down with its new Neo Classic Used line; its appearance, far from feeling brand new, gives the impression that it has been in our wardrobe for years or even centuries. 

Balenciaga seeks to achieve the natural ageing process of the leather and the oxidation of the hardware. The house has made them from black calfskin for the body and handles. The stitching and trims are also artificially worn. “The update is meant to be worn forever, it deteriorates organically over time, while the leather interior remains strong and functional,” the brand said in a press release.

Gvasalia has always been recognised as a controversial designer who, on many occasions, has taken the fashion industry to task, both at the Paris-based label and at the brand he founded with his brother, Vetements. Despite his concept and intention, would you buy these new accessories?