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We’ve all been waiting for him. Although the designer began his career more than a decade ago, in 2007, it was last year when he began to stand out and make headlines. It is undeniable that Xander Zhou is at the forefront of the new wave of young Chinese designers who are completely modifying male aesthetics.

Just a year ago, his SS19 show “The New World Baby” reflected his obsession with the future and the limits of clothing. He made headlines for dressing his models with prostheses that simulated a pregnant belly. For many it was a provocation, for others a statement about the possible effects of technology on humanity.

Perhaps what a certain section of the public does not understand is that Xander Zhou does not follow and is not interested in current trends. This SS20 show has proved it once again. Clothes that are refined, elegant and more futuristic than ever. In the past it has already explored a possible rupture of cultures, an increase in genetic modification or extreme climates. Now, he presents his collection “Supernatural Extreterrestrial”, which as its name indicates, is from outside this world.

Xander Zhou SS20

These include tunics, kaftans, kimonos, ecclesiastical tunics and ritual necklaces. But what really catches the eye is the absence of trousers in a menswear collection. If a decade ago it was considered that the increase of men’s skirts would be the end of men’s clothing, now we can say no. This garment is gradually adapting to the new futuristic, genderless male aesthetic with little or no rejection.

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