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Graphic designer GUCCIMAZE is once again teaming up with the brand YOUTH OF PARIS and FULL-BK to launch a capsule collection. When art and streetwear come together, only collaborations like this can emerge.


The new drop consists of a series of denim jackets and trousers, knitted sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts and hats, among other items. One of the most relevant garments in the collection is the hooded denim jacket, accentuated by sinuous seams that contrast the piece. Made in the oversize style, the garment has a long cut that ends just above the knees. To top it off, the YOUTH OF PARIS and FULL-BK logos appear on the top left.

Another of our favorite pieces is the monochromatic T-shirt. The front of the piece has the logos of both brands; the back comes with the motif inspired by the “anarchy” of YOUTH OF PARIS. Other pieces such as sweatshirts with graphic motifs, buckets and knitted sweaters complete the result of such streetwear idiosyncrasies. All the graphic material printed on the garments has the added value of having been made by the Japanese designer @guiccimaze.

The official launch dates have not been disclosed at this time. But the YOUTH OF PARIS x FULL-BK x GUCCIMAZE capsule is expected to be available in September on the YOUTH OF PARIS website.