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Liam Aldous has just published an animated film to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Smiley. The narrative shows how the world has changed over the years and reminds us that sometimes things are not as bad as they seem. 

Liam Aldous

Parallel to his work, Liam Aldous (@madcity_dispatch) has spent the last few months devising a story about the 50th anniversary of the Smiley. The result is a series of images that show some of the most relevant events of recent times.

They have been portrayed from the Vietnam War, to the economic and social turmoil related to AIDS, the Y2K crisis, the climate crisis, and now a global pandemic.

With Dj Pierre´s voice and designed with Maxime Machaidze, this story highlights how hope and optimism are key in the face of turbulence and fear.

The Smiley has always been a symbol of a better world.

You can see the full film at @smiley.

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