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ACW presents new capsule “GLARE”. With it, it breaks the monotony and experiments with textures.

A Cold Wall - Glare

After presenting its latest collaboration with Nike and the new Air Force 1, London’s A-COLD-WALL* has just presented its latest capsule collection. Under the title “GLARE“, the proposal introduces new materials and a new palette of colors that breaks, a little, with the monotony of brutalism aesthetics.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the collection are the textures, among which we can find metallic Tyvek or technical nylon. As for the aforementioned palette, black and grey colours are accompanied, this time, by brown, purple, “Burnt Moss” or “Polished Stone” articles.

Pieces on offer include an A-COLD-WALL* embossed metal patch, transparent bag, sky-blue kidney bag and translucent closures.

Here’s the lookbook of the collection that will see the light next December 9.

A Cold Wall | GLARE

In short, nothing especially novel, a commitment to continuity in which Samuel Ross explores through fabrics and, finally, with colour.

Among other news ACW has unveiled the official images of the Air Force 1 in white.