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At a certain age, when we go out and drink a lot of alcohol we end up with unpleasant symptoms called hangovers. However, the headaches, nausea and discomfort could be over thanks to Myrkl.

Every party-goer has a dream: to wake up without a hangover. Now it is possible thanks to Myrkl, a pill that prevents it. The drug has been created by the Swedish company De Faire Medical and is already on sale in the UK. The box includes 30 pills at £30 each.

According to Myrkl’s experts, up to “70 per cent of alcohol is broken down within 60 minutes of ingestion”. In addition, the blood alcohol concentration also decreased 30 minutes after ingesting the pill.

In terms of active ingredients, Myrkl fights the onset of hangovers by activating the bacteria Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulans. In addition, thanks to L-cysteine and vitamin B12, the drug prevents alcohol from reaching the liver.


The Swedish company states that on the day a person is to drink Myrkl, two tablets of the drug should be taken: one should be taken ‘at least one hour’ before drinking and the other ‘up to twelve hours before’. Also, this anti-stress pill is 100 % vegetarian and vegan.

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