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Alex Moli and Alex Nikolov present LEXA, their new hybrid agency project for the management of artists from different disciplines. A new way of understanding management and the community.

LEXA was born from the need for a new management formula by a whole young generation of multidisciplinary artists, a more versatile, collaborative way of working, which adapts to the needs of each project and breaks with the old school of traditional management and booking.

El roaster de LEXA es completo pero sobretodo único y creativo. Entre los talents a los que han dado respaldo están: Andrei Warren ​ y su estudio de creatividad y diseño 3D Misato Studio​, la coreógrafa y performer Candela Capitán​, el músico y artista cyborg Kai Landre​, el rapero ​Leïti Sene ​ y su colectivo CUTEMOBB (Bexnil, Bikôkô, ChineseGuy2021, Iseekarlo, Jesse James, Malek!! y Sam Davies).

The LEXA roaster is complete but above all unique and creative. Among the talents that have been backed up are Andrei Warren and his 3D design and creativity studio Misato Studio, the choreographer and performer Candela Capitán, the cyborg musician and artist Kai Landre​, the rapper Leïti Sene and his collective CUTEMOBB (Bexnil, Bikôkô, ChineseGuy2021, Iseekarlo, Jesse James, Malek!! and Sam Davies.

The LEXA community is already open, here you can visit the web and their Instagram.