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The day and the time has come for the American designer Alexander Wang. It has been almost two years since he was accused in 2020 of drugging and abusing different models. From the day this news came to light, his eponymous brand came to an almost complete standstill and his entire career was questioned overnight, going from absolute love to hate in a matter of seconds. Now that this has happened and having expressed his repentance and forgiveness, Wang has decided to return to the runways with a show worthy of what he has been accustomed to until now called “Fortune City”.

Held in the Chinatown neighbourhood of Los Angeles, with a location set in the designer’s origins, Alexander took the world by storm and decided to ignore the criticism received days before the show and present the more than 50 looks that made up his latest proposal, which was applauded hours later by his close friend Kim Kardashian.

A lot of denim, black and white is what we could see in the looks that paraded down the catwalk, marked especially by XL boots in denim, leather and glitter, micro skirts and garments with ruffles and large openings, both in tops and skirts, which combined perfectly with lady style bags and buckles in the form of “W” that they wore.

Regardless of what happened, which we absolutely condemn, the Fall 2022 collection presented by Alexander Wang in L.A. was a success, as those present commented and as could be seen by the ovation he received when he appeared. We all make mistakes and it is wise to rectify them.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, go to the top of the article to watch it.