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Now you can smell the aromas of movies or video games with Aroma Shooter, so choose the fictional universe you want to immerse yourself in.

Maybe at some point you have wondered, like us, what a film or a series, or even a video game, smells like. And the fact is that these narrative universes must have some kind of aroma that is only available to the people who live within this universe.

Now you will be able to know what the Star Wars universe smells like, for example, or what the characters in series such as Netflix’s Ultra Secrets smell like. The technology behind this new invention comes from Aromajoin and was unveiled at CES Las Vegas 2023.

This means users can upload different scents to be triggered at the perfect time and in precise sync with the content being played for a fully immersive experience. A total of up to 100 can be programmed.

While this sounds completely revolutionary, it is far from it. Products that reference senses other than sight and sound have always been around. In fact, in Jerome Stilton’s books you can scratch the different pages and smell what he smells.

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