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Bershka returns with the first extension of its recently launched CUSTOM LAB; the innovative approach to customising garments and accessories that continues Bershka’s commitment to supporting co-creation.


On this occasion we have the collaboration of Carolina Lindberg, the Visual Artist based between Madrid and London whose creative universe, originally influenced by the graffiti subculture, has derived into her personal contemporary visual language. The result is the fruit of a constant evolution in the exploration of current techniques and media to create her own artistic discourse.

With this expansion of embroidery options, Bershka offers a series of graphic motifs created in collaboration with the artist that can now be included in your favourite garments and accessories.

If you also want to have a little piece of Carolina Lindberg‘s art in your wardrobe, all you have to do is enter the CUSTOM LAB section through the Bershka app, choose the garment and the graphic motif and/or print that most represents you. Easy, isn’t it?

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