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Two well-known DJs leave the discotheque for a healthy morning. One of those where you can dance and the people are not heavy. At midday everyone goes out into the street and the cooler ones go to a terrace for a last vermouth. It’s a clear day and you can see the little birds of the city, it makes you want to follow them. Brandon could be the result of this idyllic morning. This is the debut album by Ciutat, a group formed by Jordi (JP Sunshine) and Guim.

Brandon is the debut album by Ciutat, a group formed by Jordi (JP Sunshine) and Guim, two well-known DJs from the new Barcelona club scene and members of the Mainline collective. With echoes of the previous night’s music in the form of house, jazz-tinged downtempo electronica, expansive chorus pop, electro, flamenco and the chirping of 9 different birds, Ciutat bring together the past, present and future to find the perfect modern pop formula: fresh and enduring. Like the album that Nuevos Medios would release if it existed in 2023.

Ciutat offers nine songs that move between downtempo electronica and pop. Composed of slow breaks that don’t give up dancing at all, and of airy synths and Mediterranean melodies, the album includes indisputable hits like Techo, with Chico Blanco, and Manual de Autoayuda, with EJ Marais, but it also has room for instrumentals close to jazz like Gasss (a track made in collaboration with Xavi Bufa, who plays his part with a fence), flamenco, electro or the most danceable house. The album closes with a version of Sabor a mí made in collaboration with Kora.

Ciutat has been inspired by the world of birds and ornithology to spice up his debut album, and a careful listen will reveal a different bird sample in each of the tracks that make up the album. You can listen to it now on all digital platforms and get your hands on a physical copy from Brandon here.