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European governments and NGOs are trying to help the Ukrainian population as best they can after Russia’s invasion. Spanish citizens are showing solidarity, and it is from Spain that we can contribute and help the people besieged by the war. Here are some proposals.

Thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing their country in fear of war and are entering nearby countries as refugees. Specifically, the UN puts the number of people fleeing Ukraine at 500,000. Those who have stayed behind are facing supply problems and a severe humanitarian crisis.

The absolute power to help the Ukrainian population lies with the world powers. NATO is meeting to see what they can do without having to intervene militarily. Still, we can always do our bit to make the beleaguered people as well off as possible in this terrible situation.

The main sites to help Ukraine

Food collection points

The Hermandad del Gran Poder in Seville welcomes donations from the public with open arms. In the ground floor of Calle Marqués de San Juan, 3, in Valencia they also offer help. The Asociación Ucraniana Euskadi in the Basque Country offers its services to help Ukrainians. In Barcelona, those interested in helping only have to go to Cáritas in Calle Bálmes, 100, in Madrid you can go to Ukramarket in Calle Méndez Álvaro, 8.

Cruz Roja

Cruz Roja has set up a specific page to help with the crisis in Ukraine. “The escalating tension and continued ceasefire violations pose a threat to people’s lives. Urgent action is needed to provide services and care to the population and reduce the humanitarian impact of this crisis,” they explain on their website. Donations can be made in various amounts.


Caritas has opened a special space for Ukrainians in need of help. This NGO has been helping in Ukraine for years and now more especially. Caritas brings humanitarian aid material from the Dombas area to other areas to help the affected people.

How to take in Ukrainian children

Apart from financial aid, there are also NGOs that are working to help Spanish families take Ukrainian children fleeing war into their homes. This is the case of Infancia de Nad, which has opened this form so that all those families who want to take in a refugee in their home can sign up and when they are able to contact them to present their help.

Save the Children

One of the groups most affected by this conflict is children. The NGO Save the Children has launched a special campaign to help them. There are different rates: 9 euros covers basic foodstuffs for one displaced family for a whole month, 14 euros for two families and 20 euros for up to three families.

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