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Following the presentation of its “Ba-Tic” collection and its collaboration with Palace, CP Company has presented a new “Metropolis Series” collection for Spring/Summer 2023: an enhanced edition of its Urban Protection line.

Characterised by the use of the brand’s corporate colours, self-referential pocketing systems, performance-oriented fabrics and the integration of innovative manufacturing techniques from different sectors of the garment industry, the Metropolis series represents C.P. Company’s vision of urban agility in the 1920s.

The collection is inspired by an exploration of the classic Metropolis jacket, a classic item that has been part of CP’s “Urban Protection” line since 1999, and approaches fashion through a technically focused perspective, as the vast majority of the silhouettes come with an array of pockets and heavy-duty zips. With this in mind, CP Company’s “Metropolis Series” collection is notable for including mackintoshes, jackets and tops.

To further adapt to the city ecosystem, the range of fabrics in this collection covers a variety of needs, from HyST (Hydro Stop Fabric), the excellence of natural performance fibres, to GORE-TEX 3L, synonymous with water resistance and breathability or Infinium, which are complemented by water-resistant seams on all outerwear.

CP Company’s SS23 collection is now available on the brand’s official website.

Countdown to the collaboration between PALACE C.P. COMPANY.