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The illustrious London-based jewellery designer and artist, Alan Crocetti, has once again shown us his most underground art through metallic accessories available in his latest FW22 collection: ‘Deep Fantasy’.

Alan sets himself a little more apart from the rest with his latest collection called ‘Deep Fantasy’, which focuses on the Love Struck dolphin. A motif seen on necklaces and earrings, followed by punk-inspired crystal butt plug rings in lavender and peridot. The campaign was photographed by Szilveszter Makó and features models wearing prosthetic elf ears.

The new FW22 ‘Deep Fantasy’ collection delves into people’s vivid mental experiences and the reimagining of realities. It invites the dislocation of one’s own subjectivity and the acceptance of multiple ‘selves’ that dare to be caparisoned and explore radical and fantastic possibilities. The collection is immersed in fantasy, allegory and fetish.

La colección completa ‘Deep Fantasy’ FW22 de Alan Crocetti está disponible en las tiendas y la web de la firma de joyas.