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“Out of control” is the latest proposal from the streetwear firm Anti Social Club. Continuing with its legacy, this collection for FW20 is presented full of graphics that take prominence in each garment and dignify the underground style. 

The collections of Anti Social Social Club combine seasonal garments and exclusive pieces. Now, for FW20 they have launched different designs for their marked underground style, in addition to a range of accessories.

Continuing with tradition, the characteristic graphics of the firm take prominence in each garment. The inimitable curved “Anti Social Social Club” logo appears repeatedly with different text styles on the back of various T-shirts and sweatshirts. For this new collection they have bet on the tye-die, the buffalo plaid and different chessboard prints that enhance these timeless pieces.

A lot of accessories complete the collection: a colorful blanket, an exercise ball and a pink headset created in collaboration with Astro Gaming.

The collection “Out of control” is scheduled to be launched on the Anti Social Social Club website on the 21st of November.

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