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Becomely’s new proposal was created to dress brides who are looking for a dress that moves away from the classic idea of a ‘wedding dress’.

Quieres casarte conmigo?’ is not your average bridal collection. Following the line that defines the firm, the designer Quique Vidal breaks with the traditional concept of wedding and turns it into a game for children, a scenario without rules where your identity is not conditioned by the clothes you wear.

Becomely has always stood out for creating fashion without prejudices, without stereotypes or genders, a safe space where freedom and fun are fundamental. And this is precisely what this collection conveys. A wedding that becomes an afternoon of games, a performance where both the clothes and the composition are the main characters.

The garments in the collection are created as a sort of puzzle, taking as a base remaining bridal fabrics that Gratacós, a supplier that has been working with the firm for several collections, has donated for this original project, avoiding the generation of waste. Jacquard, silk, brocade… Scraps that give life to dream dresses with which to get married or play at getting married.

Becomely is also collaborating with the artisan bakery Pepina Pastel in the creation of a wedding cake inspired by the fabrics that make up the collection, with a sponge cake and chocolate interior and that characteristic taste of childhood; the taste of an afternoon of fun, games and happiness.

To complete the styling of all the looks, the firm continues its collaboration with the Ibizan brand Penajewels in earrings and necklaces with rhinestones, present in the jewellery firm’s new line of vintage pieces, Penavintage.

If you want to get your hands on the collection, you can already get it through their social networks @becomely.