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Absolut Manifesto | All About The Future

Absolut Manifesto is the festival that fuses electronic music, contemporary art and technology with big futuristic doses. Three parties with which to vibrate between electrobeats, love, equality and transgression.

Laura Pérez ( @laurappz ) | Absolut Manifesto is the festival that fuses electronic music, contemporary art and technology with big futuristic doses. Three parties with which to vibrate between electrobeats, love, equality and transgression, as well as experience the night in an eternal and extrasensory way.

Absolut Manifesto

The visual, aesthetic and sound impact of the future will take place on 25,26 and 27 in Madrid. Absolut, with the aim of highlighting the role of creativity and artistic expression in the night world, will make three unique parties for those who believe in change as the only constant. Free Love, True Equality and Responsible Future will be the themes assigned to each of the technologies that will burn the city.

In Absolut Manifesto, artists from various disciplines will present their advanced vision on these themes, showing the freest convictions that must move the night, through a program that presents names of the national and international electronic scene. It will be the point of flight where artists from the United Kingdom, USA, Sweden or Denmark such as Evian Christ or Sophie, and Sodomantina, Mark Luva or Lanoche’s Made in Spain will be concentrated.


Absolut Free Love

The synopsis of the first night shows sexual identities, ways of expressing beauty and desires to talk about sexual freedom without limits. The eclectic sounds of Horse Meet Disco‘s eighties, Aérea Negrot‘s techno mix, cabaret and house or La Noche ‘s deep house and ambient will be part of the music that will inspire love and freedom at the opening of the festival.

Rombau SS18 – Kito Muñoz

The art of transgression that takes as its epicenter the queer scene, eroticism and youth will occupy the installations of the Satellite Pavilion with Alejandro Cinque, Kito Muñoz or Signe Pierce as photographers who will make the first day’s arty scene shine.


Absolut True Equality

The True Equality Night will celebrate the equality of being different in a free world that allows us to choose who and how we want to be. Sophie will be one of the headliners with a fusion of cybernetic and underground pop. Also, artists such as Blondage, 18+, Somadamantina or Salute will be part of the day, coming from different universes connected by music, as well as for the purpose of transmitting -and defending- real equality in all senses.

Wellness – Mou

Buffalo Zine, Mou or the collective Matières Fecales will be responsible for bringing art to the second night of Absolut, in which the main manifesto will be fashion and its variants + surreal photography of British Tom Broadent.


Absolut Responsible Future

The closing of the festival will show us how the power of globalization means advance, as well as that technological progress leads us to the elimination of frontiers with two implicit concepts: coexistence and a better future, based on love.


The music will move through a line of hip hop, techno and grime with Evian Christ, dancehall with Gaika or clubbing with Mark Luva. Likewise, creativity and art will be fused with high doses of technology and experimentation by Boldtron, Carlos Sáez, Kim Asendorf and Barriobajero, so that we can appreciate, through digital parameters, the future of art.


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Pabellón Satélite: Casa de Campo I Calle Ferial, 9. Madrid

From 21.00h to 01.00

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