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Ana Locking turns her nails into NFTs for a good cause

“Say My Nails” is a virtual space and a limited capsule collection of NFT’s based on Ana Locking’s iconographic nails.

“Say My Nails” is a virtual space and a limited, experimental capsule collection of NFT’s based on the iconographic nails of designer Ana Locking, thus becoming a unique digital artwork.


Ana Locking‘s collection of NFTs that celebrates diversity through gesture (hence its presentation at Pride 2022) will have a social return. 20% of the profits from the sale of these NFTs on the marketplace created by Metric Salad will go to COGAM (which represents the LGTBIQ+ collective in Madrid and has been working for equality for more than 30 years).

“It is an exclusive piece of art, an experimental capsule collection of five nail models aimed at the metaverse with which we wanted to give image to the word through gesture, creating a symbolic image for its universality through gestural language”, explains Ana. This time the firm has focused solely on the hands, understood not as a mere physical support but, even more, as an icon of expressiveness whose movement creates its own form of communication recognisable anywhere in the world.

“These nails are art and are the symbol of a marked Queer sense of aesthetics; understanding Queer here as something inclusive that anyone can wear, beyond their sexual orientation or gender identity, questioning the normative and turning it upside down”, she explains. Something as simple and symbolic at the same time as dressing the hand through the nails is already a good way of challenging normativity, of transforming it, but also a way of recognising oneself, of something that gives you the power to allow yourself and let yourself be.

To market the capsule collection “Say My Nails” Metric Salad has created its own marketplace. Of the 5 limited models of NFTs nails that will have a fixed price to be marketed, four of them will be in edition of 10 and there will be an exclusive nail model, in unique edition. In the case of Say very Nails. The platform will use the Ethereum (ETH) currency.

TIC TAC TIC TAC…. Ana Locking’s metaverse will be available soon.

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