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Back to the Future: Oakley® and STAPLE Launch Limited Edition Double Pack

The new version of the 1992 Sub Zero and the 2022 Re:SubZero are in a limited edition pack released by Oakley® and STAPLE.

The new version of the 1992 Sub Zero and the 2022 Re:SubZero are in a limited edition double pack released by Oakley® and STAPLE.

A collaboration that is a mix of history reimagined and renewed through a limited edition pack that includes the original 1992 SubZero and its current doppelganger, the 2022 Re:SubZero. The former, weighing less than 30 grams, were a step ahead at the time of their launch. This new collaboration has repeated the same technical feat to create extremely lightweight frames. Both glasses are created using a white marble-effect design on the temples, which is complemented by the black frame and evokes the model’s legendary silhouette while paying homage to classic sci-fi iconography.

“This collection connects the past with the future to celebrate both the origins of Oakley and STAPLE and our plans for the years ahead,” says Brian Takumi, Oakley® vice president, creative and soul of the brand. “Jeff Staple and his team continue to give our brand the unique opportunity to discover new possibilities in the world of optics and apparel. The marble-inspired frame is the absolute star of the original Sub Zero and its contemporary version, which is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. In line with the theme of the collection, during the creative process we explored a new frontier with the STAPLE team. The relentless pursuit of adventure and unique design is what continues to drive the success of this collaboration.”

The Sub Zero collector’s pack includes a replica of the original Sub Zero and the reworked Re:SubZero. Both frames feature premium black Prizm™ lenses with a laser engraved dove logo and a marble effect design on the temples. Unbeatably lightweight, each one will take you to discover the past and the future.


Find out all the details and get your limited edition pack on the Oakley® website and also at

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