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Bang & Olufsen launches new campaign: See Yourself in Sound

See Yourself in Sound allows you to link your Spotify account to create a personalised 3D avatar that can be shared.

Bang & Olufsen launches new campaign: See Yourself in Sound

As the name suggests, this campaign reflects the brand’s new direction, bringing listeners’ musical tastes to life in the form of totally unique interactive avatars, created according to each person’s musical tastes.

Kamel Ouadi, CMO of Bang & Olufsen, explains why See Yourself in Sound is Bang & Olufsen’s next step in the world of music: “Our products have been considered the best way to listen to music for almost a century, something we are very proud of. In a world focused on digital interaction, creativity and exploration, it was essential for Bang & Olufsen to create a space where our community could visualise their passion for music, along with the process of preserving, listening and enjoying it,” he says.

“We have always been a brand that champions self-expression and identity, creating designs that push the norm and challenge it, allowing our community to enjoy music through something that delights and intrigues the senses. This campaign is a wonderful expression of our brand, which will be communicated both online and in our shops for our customers and fans to enjoy,” continues Ouadi.

A century of music and expression

Since 1925, Bang & Olufsen has been creating iconic sound and home entertainment products to the highest standards of sound, craftsmanship and design. Since its birth, the brand has been at the forefront of audio technology. A heritage and history built on a foundation of doing things differently was at the core of the development of this campaign, conceptualising a new visual identity that references Bang & Olufsen’s past, while charting the path for its future.

Create a personal avatar

Bang & Olufsen invites you to participate in the See Yourself in Sound experience by visiting a specially designed website (, where they can link their Spotify account* to create a personalised 3D avatar that can be shared. *Participants without a Spotify account can complete a short questionnaire on the See Yourself in Sound website to access their personalised avatar. Based on the answers to the quiz or the listening history of each participant’s Spotify account, the site will generate a result that takes into account mood, energy and rhythm, presenting a unique avatar in full motion.

This avatar can be downloaded in motion and shared on a multitude of social media platforms. Access to a user’s listening history via Spotify brings the hyper-personalisation element of See Yourself in Sound to life. By processing the data, the website will use the prevailing songs, albums and playlists to create the body, limbs and accessories (and much more) of each avatar, meaning no two will be the same.

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