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Barbie and fashion: an iconic union that has endured over the years

For more than six decades, Barbie has left an indelible mark on the fashion industry, becoming a pop icon.

Barbie and fashion: an iconic union that has endured over the years

Since its launch in 1959, Barbie has become one of the most iconic and popular toys in the world. Over the decades, this doll created by Ruth Handler, has proven to be much more than just a toy, becoming a true symbol of fashion and popular culture. With her unmistakable style and her ability to adapt to changing times, Barbie has left a lasting mark on the world of fashion.

The arrival of the new movie in which Barbie has to visit the real world alongside Ken, the furor over the icon has skyrocketed, but the relationship between Barbie and fashion has been around for a long time. The doll has influenced the industry for decades and has inspired generations of fashion lovers. Considered a pop icon, Barbie has always represented a standard of beauty and style that has adapted with the times.

Barbie and her incursion in the fashion world

One of the reasons Barbie has remained relevant in the fashion world is her ability to collaborate with famous designers and retail brands. Over the years, there have been numerous collaborations with renowned designers. The one with Dior came in 1995 with a gold brocade dress and in 1997 perfectly representing the New Look. In 1998 it was the turn of Oscar de la Renta. But if we have to highlight one of the 90s, that is Bob Mackie. Cher’s most emblematic designer has been in charge of making a large number of Barbie dolls for the toy manufacturer Mattel.

From the new century, the doll gained popularity and dressing her became the favorite game not only of little girls, but also of the big brands. Givenchy put her in a ball gown from 1956, Versace would also make her in 2004 a dress worthy of a real badgyal. And even versions of an everyday Barbie came from the hand of Burberry with the classic trench coat or Paul Frank, with pajamas. Even Christian Louboutin created a complete collection of shoes just for her. In 2014, the kaiser of fashion and Barbie joined forces to create Barbie Lagerfeld. A milestone that showed a new approach to the doll.

And from dressing Barbie, brands would start dressing us as her. In 2015, Moschino partnered with Barbie to create a doll collection and also a women’s capsule collection. Balmain would also do the same last year with a collection of 70 exclusive Ready-To-Wear pieces, accessories and even NFTs.

The brands of the fast-fashion universe have also surrendered in recent times to the feet of this little doll to create their collections. Zara’s proposals for 2021 or the recent one by Gap have democratized the fashion-Barbie union and made it available to everyone.

These collaborations have resulted in unique and highly desirable fashion collections that have allowed fashion lovers to experiment with style and elegance through Barbie, regardless of generation or economic class.

Barbie’s adaptation to the new times

As society has evolved, Barbie has also evolved to reflect greater diversity and inclusion in the fashion world. In recent years, Mattel, the company behind Barbie, has released dolls with different body types, skin tones and hair styles, with the goal of representing the diversity of real people. These efforts have helped make Barbie even more relevant, and representative in an increasingly diverse world.

Many girls and boys have grown up playing with her. They continue to do so with a more realistic representation model. The doll embodied by Margot Robbie in the most anticipated movie of the summer, encourages creativity and self-expression through fashion. A fun way to encourage people to experiment with different styles and express their individuality.

Barbie has proven to be an influential figure in the fashion industry, collaborating with famous designers, reflecting diversity and serving as an inspiration to current and future generations. That’s why, for more than six decades, Barbie and fashion have remained closely connected.

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