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BIMBA Y LOLA celebrates love with APAMP

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, BIMBA Y LOLA has launched a programme with thirteen artists from the APAMP association.

For Valentine’s Day, in a unique – and very necessary – way of understanding love, the firm BIMBA Y LOLA has launched #BimbayLolaLoves; a programme in which it collaborates with thirteen artists from the association APAMP (Asociación de Familias de Persoas de Persoas con Parálise Cerebral), who have created a series of unique ceramic pieces such as vases, sculptures and candelabras. Each one reflects the individual behind it and their personal vision of love.


BIMBA Y LOLA has worked together with the artist PZ Today and the organisation APAMP to continue to expand its artistic universe, support emerging talent and reaffirm its identity as a creative collective, emphasising on this occasion the importance of links with family, friends, ourselves and other sectors of society that sometimes go unnoticed.

The brand believes in creativity and its ability to make the world a better place, and sees this project as an opportunity to continue working on our values.

The BIMBA Y LOLA team together with the director of the video piece, whose work is characterised by the ironic approach of her work to convey messages of acceptance and happiness, have visited the APAMP members to get inside their creative process, film it, and spin a tale that celebrates diversity, art and love.

These art pieces will be available exclusively on the BIMBA Y LOLA website and all the profits from their sale will be donated to another association selected by the APAMP artists themselves.

It is always a good time to celebrate love in all its forms. It should also be shared and celebrated.

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