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BIMBA Y LOLA goes on holidays with #thisisBIMBARAMA

Directed by Max Siedentopf, #thisisBIMBARAMA offers an ironic take on those unforgettable holiday memories.

BIMBARAMA 1.F. (Neologism)

Time capsule that comprises memorabilia, souvenirs and emblematic icons associated with BIMBA Y LOLA.

For its SS22 campaign, BIMBA Y LOLA goes on holidays and brings back a suitcase full of Bimbarama to remember it. Led by artist and director extraordinaire Max Siedentopf, #thisisBIMBARAMA offers an ironic take on the cliché holiday souvenir.

Using the iconic souvenir globe as a common thread, Siedentopf gives us four tableaux of an ideal vacation turned surreally upside down. BIMBARAMA IS PANORAMA, SOLARAMA, MELODRAMA AND DISCORAMA. Sight-seen, sunbathing, eating popsicles and partying on the beach. Nothing is quite like it seems… but everything is exactly like it is.

Shining with optimism, the collection combines crochet, floral prints and vibrant colors with maritime elements. Theatrical, surreal, playful and wittily creative: a souvenir collection “à la BIMBA”. Traveling with us throughout the journey is the Logo Chimo bag, star accessory of the SS22 collection: from metallic to pastel, leather to nylon, boldly colored to printed, it takes on multiple textures and new shapes, including the hobo format – a true vacation chameleon.

With an abundance of bright colors reminiscent of a picture postcard, the SS22 campaign takes us on a fun trip to an uncanny destination. In a classic BIMBA Y LOLA way, it’s all about the twist: playful, celebratory, as brews as a vacation drink.

Enjoy your BIMBARAMA!

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