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Carolina Lindberg launches her own line of accessories: ‘THE PORTABLE PIECE OF ART PROJECT’.

An experimental project that Carolina Lindberg will continue to create authentic portable works of art.

Following the success of her first solo exhibition ‘FLORES EN LA ROCA’, in which Carolina Lindberg debuted her signature textile works and paintings, she is ready to launch her own line of unisex accessories.


‘FLORES EN LA ROCA’  is, so far, Carolina‘s most outstanding project. Exploring the city of London and disconnecting from the screen, the artist fixed her gaze on the flowers that grew miraculously between the cracks of concrete and asphalt. The observation of nature in the city was the starting point to develop a visual and conceptual universe around it.

While working on her exhibition, she questioned the concept of the exhibition space, and wondered how interesting it would be if these works were somehow returned to the origin of everything – to the street – and that the core work of the exhibition could move around cities all over the world. This is how ‘THE PORTABLE PIECE OF ART PROJECT’ came about, a project with which the artist intends to bring her art to a wider public.

The first collection is made up of two pieces: a mini bag, to carry the most essential objects; and a shoulder bag, to carry more belongings on daily trips. Both bags feature two different parts taken from the artwork – which means that each model offers two styling options, to be combined as desired.

The satin chosen for the reflections it generates in the print and its way of elevating the vibration of the colours, has been combined with nylon strips and trimmings taken from the exhibition ‘FLORES EN LA ROCA’.

For the editorial of the collection, Carolina Lindberg collaborated with photographer Daniela K Monteiro; models Jasmine Müller and Bella Müller; model Pablo García and make-up artist Luz Giraldo. Walking through the Dalston neighbourhood, the models were captured wearing the pieces while blending in with the textures and colours of the streets.

Aware of the times we live in, the artist is committed to producing a project that generates as little environmental impact as possible. For this reason, the production is made in local workshops in Madrid, in small print runs and through pre-order.

Carolina Lindberg wanted to raise the concept of merchandising and generate a series of exclusive accessories Made in Spain. An experimental project that she will continue with her future projects to create authentic portable works of art.


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