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Damien joins María Escarmiento with “Dive”

María Escarmiento after releasing the EP “Sintiéndolo Mucho” returns with “Dive”, a summer hit that she shares with her friend Damien.

After her EP Sintiéndolo Mucho, we hear again the hypnotic voice of María Escarmiento in Dive. The hit she shares with her friend and former OT partner, Damien, takes us to an afternoon of chill out at the pool with friends. The reggaeton beats will make us perrear non-stop throughout the summer. The direction of the videoclip, once again is in charge of Pablo Amores, the singer’s partner.

María Escarmiento
Foto: María Caparrós

The Madrilenian maintains her brave and picaresque character that moves her faithful followers so much. Rumours about Dive have been circulating for several weeks now, and expectations have only grown since the first images in the video came to light. María Escarmiento and Damien with other friends dance in the pool to the rhythm set by the singers. Spanish and English are combined on sounds more similar to traditional reggae.

Damien as well as his friend reappears after Perfect. They both throw themselves back into the music with this new hit that comes loaded with surprises. Pablo Amores, María Villar’s controversial boyfriend, makes a cameo in the video clip he directs. The Murcian is the common denominator of the artist’s work, in him she trusts 100% to advise her in her musical career. Let’s remember that it was Amores who drew, according to the singer’s wishes, the new image of María Villar as María Escarmiento (@maria.ot2018).

Dive comes under the production of Mike Witt. The track is designed for all audiences, is direct effective and very danceable. So it has a good chance of becoming the song of the summer.

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